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Pec Major Stretch

Many Americans have poor posture with their shoulders rolled inward and their chin jutting forward.  This posture can lead to tirghtness in your pectoral muscles, so stretching them can be very beneficial.  The mistake that most people make is putting too much stress on the shoulder and stretching the shoulder capsule more than the pectoral muscles.  When you stretch your pec major, you should feel the pull coming from the muscle, not the shoulder joint.  Too much movement in the shoulder joint can lead to instability or impingement syndrome.  We highly recommend having your chiropractor demonstrate this stretch at least one time in the office to make sure you are doing it correctly, and that you are not compromising the shoulder joint.

To perform the stretch, bend your arm at the elbow and point your elbow straight to your side so that it is even with your shoulder.  You can then use a wall or doorway to help pull the elbow backwards.  Since the pec major is fan shaped, we recommend pointing the elbow up higher in the air to get the lower fibers, and lower in the air to get the upper fibers.