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Scalene Stretch

The scalene muscle group is located on the side of your neck.  When these muscles are inflamed, they can cause neck pain, headaches, and even symptoms down your arms.  Patients who are "chest breathers" often have hypertonic scalene muscles.

The stretch for the scalenes is fairly easy. Just look straight ahead and lean your head to one side like you're trying to touch your ear to your shoulder.  The trick is to not lift your shoulder while doing this.  You can give some gentle overpressure at the end by grabbing your head with the hand on the side you are leaning towards and giving it an extra little pull.  Don't get carried away here, but a gentle stretch can really help these muscles relax.  if you would like to target the three major divisions of the scalene muscles, just rotate your head to either side as you move it towards your shoulder.