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Referrals to Boise Integrated Chiropractic

The best compliment you can give us is to refer a loved one to our Boise clinic. This shows that you trust us with someone you care about and that we have in some way helped you improve your own health. We would like to thank you for your referral and assure you that we will treat your referral like family.


If you are another health care practitioner, and you are referring a patient to us for additional care, we want to thank you for your trust. We strive to treat all our patients with respect and to offer them the best care possible. We would love to co-manage a case with you, and we will provide you with any documentation of our care that you request. Call us anytime to see how we can work together to heal your patient. Below are just a few of the top reasons Physicians of all disciplines refer to us:

1) We provide ACTIVE rehabilitation of the patient's injury, including specific excercises and stretches targeted to prevent future injury. We utilize advanced technology, including the MedX cervical and lumbar rehab machines, to help patients get better faster. We also educate patients about home exercises to do away from the clinic.

2) Good Dcoumentation - we provide a thorough report of our treatments at your request.

3) We DON'T Over-treat - some Chiropractors will put patients on treatment plans that are not clinically justified. Although it is impossible for us to give an exact number of treatments without a thorough physical examination, we do strive to provide the most efficient treatment plans possible.

4) Dr. Noah does more than just muscles, bones and joints. Upon your request, he can perform a functional health assessment to see if there are ways to improve your energy, digestion, memory, concentration, hormones, and more. He is also trained in acupuncture, so he pulls the best from this Eastern Medicine practice to combine it with the science we've learned here in Western Medicine.