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Ozone Blood Treatments - Major Auto Hemotherapy - Boise, ID

Ozone blood treatment - Major Auto Hemotherapy

Auto Hemotherapy with OzoneDr. Noah has achieved Advanced Ozone practitioner status through his training with the top Oxidative Medicine doctors in the world - Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. Roert Rowen. It became evident with this training that an indispensable therapy for treating chronic disease was ozone blood treatments. Major and Minor Auto Hemotherapy involve subjecting the blood directly to ozone in order to create an effective immune response. Even though this therapy is widely used in other countries like Italy, Russia, Cuba, Germany, etc... it is still slow to gain acceptance here in the US. Part of the reason might be that there is no pharmaceutical or biotech company lobbying and advertising for it. However, major auto hemotherapy (blood ozone treatments) can be very helpful for chronic or acute infections, degenerative conditions, or things like hepatitis, Lyme disease, herpes, macular degeneration, arthritis etc... Those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia can often benefit from this treatment, as many of those have an infectious component, or a compromised immune system. This can also be a key treatment for those with auto-immune diseases. Along with dietary changes, proper supplements, stress reduction, and detoxification, this is a powerful therapy.

While this ozone treatment is powerful by itself, we have experienced an improved response when we combine it with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI).  During a UBI treatment, your own blood is kept in a closed system while being subjected to ultraviolet light.  The specific wavelength of lights used in our system have been proven to kill off infections and strengthen the immune system. 

As with many natural and alternative therapies, these are not covered by traditional insurance, so they require payment directly from you the patient.  Since this treatment is often used for chronic conditions, we do offer package deals to help make it more affordable.  Please call our office today to learn more about blood Ozone therapies and how you might benefit -  (208) 629-5374