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New Chiropractic patients for Boise Integrated Chiropractic clinic

First Visit Expectations

Depending on your complaint, we will have you fill out a questionnaire that details out any previous health history, as well as what is currently affecting you. We will then do an in-depth interview and physical examination. This exam may involve you moving around (within your current limitations). We will also use various orthopedic exams (the same used by medical doctors, orthopedists, physical therapists and athletic trainers) and palpation (touching the affected areas with our hands to better feel what is causing the problem).

Once we have completed the examination, we will let you know what we think is causing the symptoms, if and how we think we can help; what the best course of treatment would be; how long you can expect for recovery; what will be expected of you during the rehab process; any recommendations on supplements; any modification to your lifestyle or diet.