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Internal Shoulder Rotation Exercise

Anyone who has undergone rotator cuff (shoulder) surgery or had rotator cuff problems, should definitely consider a good shoulder rehab program.  One important part of that rehab program will be to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the shoulder.  Along with this exercise of internal rotation, you should also consider exercises for abduction, external rotation, and scapular stabilization.  Ask your Boise chiropractor to help you if you have any questions.

Probably the easiest way to rehab the rotator cuff at home is to buy some kind of tubing or thera-band material.  Attach one end of the tubing to a solid, immobile structure.  Stand just far enough away from the structure so that your tubing is taut.  While holding the tubing in your hand closest to the wall, turn your body 90° so that the plane of your chest is parallel to the stretched out tubing.  While keeping your elbow tucked into your side slowly pull the tubing towards the opposite side of your body.  This should isolate the internal rotators of your shoulder.  And the key is form and stability, NOT repetitions and maximum load.