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Toxins are everywhere, and only seem to be increasing in potency and exposure.  Stay informed on what you breathe, eat, and slather all over your body. 

Clean, pure water from Reverse Osmosis Filter

I shouldn't have to convince you that the quality of your water is important to your health.  What you may not know is how many contaminants may be present in your current drinking water.  Here is a short list of common contaminants (some should sound eerily familiar):  E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, radon, cyanide, asbestos, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, nitrite/nitrate, thallium, arsenic, flouride, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), chlorine, disinfectants, pesticides, MTBE (fuel additive), and more...

Of course your water probably won't have all of these, but they have been found consistently in public water across the nation.  The EPA does allow small amounts of these things in water, and considers it safe.  I would rather not have a "little bit" of a poison every day, especially when water is so crucial to healthy cell function. I have spent the last couple years researching and watching the water filtration industry to see what new developments might come about.  This last week I finally purchased a water filtration system for my home. 

The whole-house systems are much more expensive, so I just bought the under-sink version.  While eliminating contaminants in shower and dishwasher water would be nice, the water we consume internally is a higher priority.  For $300 you get an entire 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration system that includes a faucet, extra line to your fridge/ice maker, and a nifty little water testing unit.  This is the same technology used by the water bottling companies - that is the ones that actually filter their water ;)  If you buy bottled water, or go to the Supermarket to fill your jug every week, then this quickly pays for itself, and keeps plastic out of our landfills! I found a reputable brand that has great reviews, parts made in the good ol' US of A, meets NSF standards, and has awesome customer support (including Live Chat on their website).  Check out the APEC Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration system here.

A few more reasons I went with APEC: - Wastes much less water than other brands.  There are some that waste as much as 10 gallons per clean gallon of water.  That adds up quickly.  The APEC system only loses 3 gallons, and you can capture it as grey water to use for plants and landscaping. - Longer lasting filters - better quality means you only replace filters every year vs. every 6 months with other brands.  To make things better, APEC gives you the first two years of filters FREE. - Currently on SALE - our system was 25% off, though it does look like this is a long-term discount. - 5-stage Filtration - this means cleaner water and less stress on the membranes. - Transferable - you can disconnect the system and move it with you to your next house. I now have the APEC system installed and it reduced my Total Dissolved Solids (a measure of the contaminants in water) score from 94 down to 4!  I should note that our 3-month old Brita filter in the pitcher tested at 82, so don't think that you are already getting everything out with these less effective filters.  You want less than 8, but not zero, because your water should have some minerals remain in it for health and taste.  It tastes great, and I know that it's free of harmful substances. APEC offers a $40 referral check for anyone that buys a system based on your recommendation.  So, tell them Noah Edvalson sent you, and I will give you all of the $40.  I don't want the money, but I do want to give you an incentive to make healthy decisions.   Look at it as an investment in your health.  In addition, I am offering any patient a free analysis of their drinking water.  Just call or email me and let me know you are going to bring a sample of your water to your next appointment at Boise Integrated Chiropractic, and I will test the amount of contaminants for you with my TDS meter