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Free Health Audit

Call today to get your Free Health Audit with Dr. Noah in Boise, Idaho - (208) 629-5374


One of the most frustrating things for people suffering from any condition is not knowing what is causing their symptoms.

You want to see a specialist, but they are too expensive. You are sick of getting a new prescription every time you mention a symptom.

This health audit is not a pitch about how you need to have an exact degree of curvature in your spine, or how you need to be adjusted three times a week for the rest of your life to feel healthy.

This audit is aimed at finding any systems in your body that aren't functioning at optimal levels, then discussing a plan to address them. We utilize a thorough functional health questionnaire to assess your current situation and the need for further tests.  After filling out this questionnaire, Dr. Noah will do a short 5-10 minute phone consult with you to discuss if we think we can help you.   

We are passionate about helping people, and we want to help you find answers to your health issues. We certainly can't cure everything, but we can offer some advice based on science, research, and conservative or natural health care.  We have so many tools to choose from here that we are confident we can help you progress toward improved health. 

Your case may require further diagnostic testing or a referral to a specialist, but at least you will be on the right track. Because of Dr. Noah's continuing education, he is able to offer many natural solutions for things beyond just neck and back pain. This might include thyroid, digestion, hormone, autoimmune, or degenerative disorders.

This free health audit applies to new patients only, and does not cover any further diagnostic studies, necessary x-rays, or future treatments.

To schedule your free health audit with Boise Chiropractor Dr. Noah Edvalson, please call 208-629-5374.