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Silver Argyrol

Silver Argyrol is a mild silver protein that irritates the nasal mucosa and increases the drainage of your sinuses. It works as a strong anti-microbial to kill the bad guys in your nose that lead to your recurrent nasal infections. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, this is an effective treatment option.

What does Silver Argyrol Treatment involve?

We will dip a long cotton swab in the silver argyrol mild protein and then insert it into your nasal passage. This can be uncomfortable for some patients, so we are careful to only go to your tolerance. Once inserted, we don't move the cotton swab around. You are then instructed to lean forward over a bucket and let the silver argyrol work. It will do so by increasing the mucus flow in your nasal passages and by killing the bacteria, fungus, and viruses in your nose. We also recommend nutritional supplementation and Nasal Specific Technique for enhanced benefit of this protocol.

How much does it cost?

Your cost will depend on your insurance plan. If your insurance doesn't cover the procedure, or you would like to do self pay, then the charge is $50 per treatment. We usually only need 1-3 treatments to have the desired effect.

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